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by Jules Older 


Shooting travel videos was always something other people did.  

For one thing, I'm a word guy, a writer. Visuals are for somebody else.

But that’s hardly the only reason I shied away from shooting. There's my profound lack of knowledge about how to make movies. The teamwork required to do it. The weight and expense of even a secondhand, third-rate movie camera. Plus the knowhow and expense of editing footage once it’s shot.

And all that was once true. Now it isn't. Welcome to one of the true wonders of the Digital Age. I'm still a writer, but now I'm a writer who shoots videos. More than sixty of them and counting. Maori carving in New Zealand. Skiing in Alberta. An action-sport competition in San Francisco. Turns out I like visual story telling, too.  

But the main differences between then and now are technological. Thanks to advances in gear, I (and you) can learn to shoot, buy the gear and even master the editing process without going broke or going crazy. 

I've learned my craft at the Apple Store, using their One to One program, which, when you buy a new computer, is yours for $200 for two full years. No further charges required. No tips accepted.

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Portugal In Pictures

by Paul Ross

[more from our SPOTLIGHT ON PORTUGAL series this week... ]

Discover Portugal with writer/photographer Paul Ross. Taste the wine. See the sites. Meet the people. Experience the history. (All virtual, of course) It's the next best thing to being there!

Click the play button to begin viewing.

Video may take time to buffer. Please be patient, it's worth it!


 Paul Ross is a Santa Fe-based photographer and writer. See more of his work at

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