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A group travel blog, YourLifeIsATrip.com was founded on the belief that there is no division between your travels, your life, your soul, your wellbeing, your relationships, your money, your work and your play. Funny. Sad. Inspirational. Wicked. The site features different voices, different subjects, all related by the common theme – life as a trip.

Ordinary. Extraordinary. In exotic climes. Close to home. Our writers know that life is always a trip, and they tell stories that remind us what a trip life is. Leave comments, join the fun, become a subscriber, let us know what you are thinking. And, if you are a storyteller, look at our guidelines and you may be spinning your yarns on YourLifeisaTrip.com. Welcome!

You CAN be a traveler rather than a tourist in your own life.

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Meet The Team

Between them, YourLifeIsATrip.com co-founders, Judith Fein and Ellen Barone have written and photographed for more than 100 publications, traveled from Mog Mog to Matmata, coached, made films, given talks, been hired as experts and advisers, blogged, taught math, taught travel writing, taught photography, volunteered in jails, won awards for playwriting, screenwriting and travel journalism, appeared on radio and TV, helmed websites, sold screenplays in Hollywood, lived in Europe, Africa and Mexico.

Why did they start YourLifeisATrip.com? Everywhere they looked, there were cutbacks, layoffs, bailouts, belt-tightening. But, being cockeyed optimists, Ellen and Judith saw this as a period of restructuring - deciding on priorities and what is most important in life. And they believed that other travelers shared their desire to read about real people writing about real life. No top ten lists. No advertiser-driven content. Just authentic experiences.

Today, YourLifeIsATrip.com is the #1 website for experiential storytelling and narrative travel writing with hundreds of writers world wide and each story as unique and original as the people behind them. 

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photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr.com CCL.