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As a group blog featuring different voices and different points of view around the common theme of travel, we welcome you, authors, pros, and those who have never been published before. This is a home for narrative travel writing with one thing in common: every article must focus on a story, a specific story, told in first person. It can be funny, sad, intense, ethereal, but it MUST tell a story. 

Unlike other sites, we don't run destination pieces about doing this, that and the other thing. No top-ten lists. No superficial content. Just real people—who happen to be great writers—sharing real has become the #1 website for experiential storytelling and narrative travel writing thanks to its unique focus on revelatory tales. 

Before writing a piece, be sure to become familiar with the story styles we feature. Then, if you think your story would be a good fit, pitch us! Once we vet your query, or refine it with you, we'll give you the go-ahead to write the piece. Before you submit a pitch or story, please make sure it is checked for grammar and spelling, then send us your best shot. 

photo by Raul Lieberwirth via CCL.