Another Old Codger in Vegas the Envy of All

by Jules Older


Welcome to Las Vegas! Have a great time… and while you're here, we hope you'll take advantage of the unique services offered by AAES of Las Vegas.

As you stroll along the Strip or even through the casino of your Las Vegas hotel, you are sure to see one sight again and again and again. What is it? It’s the sight of a young — perhaps very young — lady on the arm of a gentleman of a certain age — perhaps your age.

When you see them, what do you think? Be honest, now. Do you think…

  • “Oh, that must be a cool fellow to be out with such a youthful and attractive girl!”
  • “Isn't it nice that a young, slim Asian girl and a portly, balding white gentleman have found each other!”

Or, do you think, “There's another old codger making a fool of himself in Las Vegas!!!”

At AAES of Las Vegas, we are committed to ensure that YOU WILL NEVER BE THAT GUY!

That’s why we started the Age-Appropriate Escort Service of Las Vegas (AAES of Las Vegas).

When you're in our town, a town where nine out of ten — yes, nine out of ten! — men spend their entire trip exclusively in the company of other men, we want you to have the comfort and pleasure of a woman’s companionship. And when you use the services of AAES of Las Vegas, instead of being an object of derision and scorn, you'll be the envy of all.

How do we do it? It’s simple. When you contact us at, and fill out our easy-to-use, COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL online questionnaire, we will introduce you to the Age-Appropriate Escort of your dreams. She can…

  • Meet you at McCarran Airport with a big hug
  • Delight you with her company at dinner
  • Take in a show or a night of gaming with you
  • OR, she can spend your entire visit in your company!

Our Age-Appropriate Escorts are sophisticated women. Many are former teachers. Some are trained in First Aid and CPR. And they all know the fascinating museums, the finest restaurants and the most outstanding sights in America’s Playland, Las Vegas, Nevada!

So contact us today. Logon and get ready to have the time of your life!

That’s  — we’ll make you the envy of all!!!


You can find All About Jules at

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