Life: The Greatest Journey

by Sara Morgan

The only thing that can ruin your life is death; everything else is just an experience. Seems obvious, now that I read it. But, this statement has taken me years to write and even longer to truly understand.


You see, ten years ago, I began a journey which has taken me to where I am today. I am on a quest for happiness and I know that one of the best ways to achieve that is through a proper work-life balance.

I recognized years ago that the life I was leading was not working for me. Even though I had a high paying corporate job, nice house, nice car, nice husband, even a nice dog, I was not very happy. I was living my life for everyone else and some image that I thought I needed to project.

I was constantly racing around trying to exemplify this idea that my life was perfect. I was volunteering for things I did not respect, throwing parties for people I did not like, and doing jobs that I did not believe in. I was even known to have bought and wrapped all of my Christmas presents before the end of October. All of this, so I could maintain my perfect image, which was perfectly fake.

My journey has been slow and has involved many challenges, but I feel I am getting closer to where I want to go. In the past few years, I have left my high paying corporate job as a web developer, moved to the country, and endured the pain of two failed marriages. And I am getting closer to being happier, you may ask? Yes, I am and I will tell you why.

I am closer to happiness, because I am letting go of the need to control myself and everyone around me.  I see that the things I feared the most were not that bad once they actually happened. I am accepting the fact that even though the man I thought was the love of my life left before our marriage reached one year, my life did not just end.

All of these realizations are bringing me to a point in my life where I can embrace change. I can accept and even revel in the malleable reality of life. I can look towards the future and hope for the best.

The only thing I regret is that I do not have the money or means to travel at this time. Prior to my second husband’s departure, we were travelling quite a bit and while together, we traveled to several places in the United States and even took a trip to his hometown in England. These were some of my most cherished memories in life and I will never forget them.

My goal is to get back to a financial position where I can continue my travels; even though they may be by myself or with a friend. I look forward to being able to embrace and appreciate this world for all the beauty and glory it displays.

If you can identify with this story and hear some voice inside your head telling you to reach for more, do not ignore yourself. Deep down, we all know what is right for us. We all know what we need. We just often times let our own fears and insecurities drive our decisions. We also get caught up in to trying to control everything and are therefore not able to enjoy anything. Do not let this happen to you. I am trying my best not to let it happen to me. Good luck to us both.

Sara Morgan is a professional web developer and author of No Limits: How I escaped the clutches of Corporate America to live the self-employed life of my dreams. Find out more about Sara and her book at

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