Meet Our New Partners,

We love little more than connecting fascinating friends with one another. So, it is with great pleasure that we introduce you to, the newest member of the family.



A few months ago Stefanie Singer, the editorial director at The Perpetual Explorer, a multicultural website about global exploration, suggested a collaborative relationship to introduce storytelling to travelers, and vice versa. 

Today, and, announce a new partnership that merges our mutual passions for global exploration and the stories that bring these experiences to life.

The partnership will see tapping into PerpetualExplorer''s rich archive of articles, photos and videos, selecting and hosting those that best reflect and enhance the interests of the community. 

The first piece of coverage that we're showcasing is 'Ganesh Chathurthi Celebrations in India'. This locally reported article tells the story behind the Hindu god, Ganesh Chathurhi, and the annual festival that is enthusiastically celebrated (mid-August to mid-Septemeber) across India.

We'll be featuring a new story each month from the site, so check back often. Additionally, you can find featured stories on our home page sidebar. Or if you just can’t wait, go to the source!

Read the official partnership press release, here  

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