Maxx and Me: Staying afloat on a mother-son cruise

by Jan Myers


"You go ahead in and I'll stay on the boat and watch," I found myself telling my son, Maxx, as he jumped into the water with his snorkel gear. I had been feeling a bit anxious about my first snorkeling attempt, and as I looked at the others from our shore excursion group already looking confident in the water, I decided maybe this just wasn't for me.

Maxx and I were on a Carnival Cruise together. It was my idea to take him on a cruise for his sixteenth birthday—just the two of us on a mother-son bonding trip.  He loves to travel and since he had never been on a cruise before, he was excited. So was I.  I was hoping this trip would help clear some of the awkwardness that often sets in between moms and their teenage sons.

It's funny, but not so long ago, I was one of Maxx's favorite people.  We would spend hours building with Lincoln Logs and Lego's.  He couldn't wait to tell me all about his day at school.  He used to share his thoughts and dreams with me.  At one time, he even asked my advice regularly.  However, as parents know, life with kids is definitely a journey with many stages.   With Maxx, we are currently in the "I don't need mom for anything anymore" stage (except maybe help with homework).

In my mind, the cruise was sure to change all that.

But there I was, sitting on the side of the snorkeling excursion boat by myself while Maxx flippered away. What a metaphor for our relationship. I had to do something to add a little glue to our bond.

"Ok, I'm coming in!" I said.  Thankfully, one of the snorkel guides was nearby as I jumped in and immediately lost my snorkel. I watched it sink toward the bottom of the sea and of course, I couldn't plunge in after it with my life vest on. Quick as a fish, the guide dove down and retrieved it. Whew! How embarrassing! I was glad Maxx didn't see me do that.

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