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Children’s Book Author and Illustrator, K. Michael Crawford brings to you one of Bazel Lark’s greatest unsolved mysteries in a book called “The Mystery of Journeys Crowne”- An Adventure Drawing Game.

Mr. Lark, an Archaeologist and Explorer, discovered the one Golden Key that would lead him through a series of clues in order to finally answer the mystery behind Journeys Crowne. Although, it is sad to report, Bazel was never able to solve this mystery.

By following in Mr. Lark’s footsteps, the reader must answer clues on each page in order to draw the missing elements on the page. Once the reader has completed all the pages, the mystery behind Journeys Crowne will be revealed.

Bazel Lark was the world’s foremost expert on hidden treasures and finds. He had won a number of awards for his work and was a proud member of Society of International Archaeology and Antiquities. His work touched millions and each year he created a whole new generation of Archaeologists through his teaching at Mystic Shores Community College. He was once quoted as saying, “Man always tries to bury the past and I dig it up.”

His most notable find to date was the remains of Jimmy Hoffa discovered in the Tomb of Sir Isaac Newton. Many of his other great discoveries, The Treasure of Tabuyo the Headdress of Cleopatra’s hand servant, and the Trojan Horse Head are housed at the Bazel Lark Museum in Mystic Shores. On the other hand, K. Michael Crawford still remains a mystery.  



Author's Note: From the moment I could hold a crayon in my hand, there hasn’t been a time when I haven’t been drawing and creating whimsical and quirky characters… all whom dwell in a magical land within my enchanted imagination.I have illustrated over 30 children’s books for publishers and educational companies and have won a number of awards for my art and books. Most recently, The Mystery of Journeys Crowne won a Biblio 2009 Best of the Year. So the story goes…and all the magical creatures and strange folks lived happily ever after in art, once their creator got back to work. Make a magical journey to:




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