TRAVEL BUCKET LISTS: Global Walks and Trekking Routes

by Michael Nang in partnership with Tesco.

The world is full of spectacular walks that reveal an alternate side of a destination along with the chance to discover hidden scenery. Finding a new walking or hiking trail is always top of my vacation itinerary and although the guide books are helpful, I usually end up asking the locals for advice. 

Routes such as the Turkey’s glorious Lycian Way have definitely stoked my passion for this activity and what follows are a few of the world's best trekking trails still uppermost on my travel bucket list.

The Snowman Trek

Mountain landscape, Bhutan. Photo by Inga Vitola via Flickr CCL.

Mountain landscape, Bhutan. Photo by Inga Vitola via Flickr CCL.

Trekking through Bhutan’s most remote valleys takes you through six mountains (over 7000 metres) and nine different passes, meaning this is one of the highest altitude trekking routes in the world. Not only will you experience some of the most inspiring mountain and river scenery but you’ll also view ancient Buddhist monasteries and pass through villages that have remained unchanged for centuries. Pack enough walking clothes to last for a few weeks in order to stay warm and comfortable, and get the most out of this once in a lifetime route.


The great outdoors U.S. style

Wooden walkways allow visitors to closely approach the  Grand Prismatic Spring . Photo by Jim Peaco, National Park Service

Wooden walkways allow visitors to closely approach the Grand Prismatic Spring. Photo by Jim Peaco, National Park Service

There’s a definite feeling of pioneering with American hiking trails mainly due to the wide open spaces and sense of freedom. Locations such as Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming allow trekking through lush forests, majestic waterfalls and of course witnessing those famous geysers and hot springs. In Idaho there’s a 68 mile route known as the Gospel Hump Loop Trail that offers a wilderness trek through immense mountain meadows, glacial lakes and even beautiful beaches. The Gospel Hump Loop is recommended for the very experienced and the only other inhabitants you’re likely to meet are a few black bears and some elk.

South of the Equator

Machu Picchu, Peru. Photo by  Eduardo Zárate  via Flickr CCL.

Machu Picchu, Peru. Photo by Eduardo Zárate via Flickr CCL.

South American walking trails should be on every trekker's bucket list, though it may be difficult to choose which country to visit. Peru's Inca Trail is one of the most famous and requires approximately four days of hard trekking, although arriving at Machu Picchu at dawn is definitely worth the effort. The 75 mile Torres del Plain route in Chilean Patagonia will provide you with breath-taking glaciers, forests and lakes, and it’s a four to eight day trek that provides a lifetime’s worth of incredible scenery within one trip. The 31 mile Santa Cruz White Mountains route in Peru is also well-worth experiencing and this is a trek that’s suitable for beginners and experienced hikers.

Michael Nang is an advertising executive currently working for a full service Digital Agency. One of his passions is travelling to different places around the world, writing about his many adventures and mishaps while exploring life's myriad secrets. He plans to compile all his works into a book that he seeks to publish in the near future. This article was produced in partnership with Tesco.