10 Years In 25 Words: A collection of very, very short stories

It’s that time of year again when we challenge YourLifeIsATrip.com writers to tell us a story in 25 words or less. But don’t let the small size fool you — at the heart of each of these very very short essays is a powerful story.

This time, we asked the question: What are you doing now that you didn’t do ten years ago? From mixed martial arts to truth-telling and overcoming a lifelong fear of drowning, here’s what they had to say…

Grabbed life by the lapels seven years ago. Now I paint, take photos, and write essays. Don’t wait for tragedy to define your world.

Rachel Dickinson

Ten years ago, I said 50 percent of what I really thought, felt, and believed. Now, screw it, I'm inching towards 95.  

Judith Fein  

Retired, remembering, writing, things that I'm proud of and things that bring shame.  I’m wiser now. I wouldn’t do those things today.

Pamela Blair

Learning to swim! Overcoming a lifelong fear of drowning, I’ve rediscovered the primal pleasure of floating in warm water.  Why did I wait so long?

Dorty Nowak

At some point during the last ten years I became a person who can’t seem to live/work/travel without a hammock.

Ellen Barone

Over 10 years, a change from headstrong to mindful

Mindful of my life’s purpose

To listen, appreciate more and talk, judge less.

Making impossible, possible

Irene Lane

Lights sparkle. Through purple electric fog, disinterested faces peer over litres of red wine. Karaoke night, South of France style. Is this really me singing?

Keith Digby

I travel with a teen-aged granddaughter who is compelled to photograph every perfect flower. So you might say I’m taking time to smell the roses.

Barbara Radcliffe Rogers

Eyeing a trip to Ecuador, but, reluctantly, with a tour group. We’ll leave the driving and navigating to younger eyes. Is it still an adventure?

Cindy Carlson

Keep only what fits in 3 suitcases, speak Spanish daily, carry passport copy, follow ancient voices, support Cuban friends, teach financial literacy, sleep alone.

Aysha Griffin

Her arthritic hand grasps mine, as we walk down the steep rocky steps. For years my mother was my guide; now it's my turn.

Ingrid Littmann-Tai

Guarding time. Less time left—tick, tick—and aging eats away at it. Doctor. Exercise. Bathroom. Nap. Cherish the rest for fun, ski and creativity.

Jules Older

I no longer engage in political discussion as : 1) You’re not going to convince them, and 2) You already know what you think.

Paul Ross

Ten years ago I would not have said no to abusive people. I would have smiled and kept my feelings to myself.

Not anymore!

Nancy King

Watching a solar eclipse, falling leaves, ants on the sidewalk and a red-tailed hawk with my grandkids renews my curiosity and hope for the future.

Barbara Wysocki

Living now on a pension means forsaking travel, restaurants, theater and clothes. Spending kept me busy once; poverty produces superfluous time. I’d rather be rich.

Maureen Magee

Daily heated vinyasa yoga
Not fucking anymore...(you wanna put what in where?)
Grateful every moment since hubby dropped dead on floor.
Be here NOW!

Marla Finn

Not much has changed in ten years - husband, dog, work, travel. Yet I find myself pluck, pluck, plucking at the first signs of middle age.  

Melissa Paquette

I slam my boxing glove into my MMA instructor’s mitt, then smack his pad with my left foot. I'm over 70 and was never stronger.

Margie Goldsmith

I am wandering into complexities, living questions, and learning to be comfortable not knowing the answers. I am exploring uncertainty like a far-flung destination.

Atreyee Gupta

I was sixty, single, small apartment, smaller garden. Then, the Peace Corps. Now, I’m married, and own a tropical fruit farm.  Amazing what happens with “Yes!”

B.J. Stolbov

Living the “fandango life” in Spain—letting go of expectations and unnecessary possessions. Sipping foamy coffee in an outdoor cafe and walking everywhere—no car.         

Gary White

Following the ancient antler-headed goddess Elen of the Ways across Wales and Scotland. Living my life by synchronicity and sidewalk Tarot. Feeling grateful!

Elyn Aviva

I grip the handrail and step gingerly. These old bones may not be found for days should I slip to the bottom of the stairs.

Maraya Loza Koxahn

At l8, traveled around the world. After recent cross-country trip in a trailer, I decided to be more discriminating about my form of travel.

Sylvia Fox

My mountain passion evolved from hiking and exploring trails and charging up summits to relaxing by a stream and water coloring, soaking in the beauty.

Jean Kepler Ross

Spending too many late nights glued to CNN and MSNBC when I used to be reading books at that time. Ten years ago, I was not constantly worried that our country was about to implode!

Fyllis Hockman

What about you? Can you tell the story of your past decade in 25 words or less? We’d love to hear it. Please use the comment box below to share.

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