Flamenco: How I Went from Nay to Yay

by Paul Ross

I vaguely remember seeing star José Greco Flamenco dancing when I was a child. Like with many things cultural, I got introduced too young, so I neither understood nor developed a liking for it. (Think of Shakespeare in grade school.) Since then, I’ve seen more Flamenco – some good and most not so good. Too often, it seemed like the circus act of dance with everything calling for adulation. So it is to the credit of a 27-year old Flamenco phenom named Emi Arte Flamenco that, after I started from a negative place, I was suddenly struck by enlightening.

Watch the video story:

LEARN MORE about the flamenco sensation of La Emi in Paul’s article at ExploreDance.com and at EmiArteFlamenco.com.


Paul Ross is an International Travel Photographer & Writer. His focus is on culture – its variety, universality, and uniqueness. He is concerned about its evanescence and is always surprised and delighted when anything creative is done well. Fortunately, he finds that more often than not. …like now, while sharing a bit of La Emi magic.

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