Sexy, Funny, Tender, Quirky 25-Word Valentine's Day Stories


Your eyes are blurry, you have just replaced your computer screen, and you are vowing to spend less time reading on your computer.  

So this is our Valentine's Day gift to you--some very very short stories from some of our stellar writers. You can read each one in a single breath. We hope there is love in your life---humans, pets, any kind that makes you feel cherished and important.

And now enter the world of weird Valentine's Day with

I went to a hotel bar for my after-work margarita, but they wouldn’t let me in: “Sorry, couples only. It’s Valentine’s Day.” ~ Marlan Warren

Every year, for the past thirty years, it was in the mailbox. A white card with a red heart drawn on it. No return address. ~ Rachel Dickinson

My boyfriend's father kissed me on the lips. I vomited. Happy Valentine's Day. ~ Judith Fein

Just engaged. First V-day. Fiancé presents long box from florist. Eagerly opened to find bouquet of dead roses. Card reads, "Your friend, Roger."  Decision to marry reinforced. ~ Fyllis Hockman

Hot breath on my face. Softness caressing my cheek. My kitty wakes me with cuddles on Valentine’s Day. ~ Nancy King

February 14th is Rahla’s birthday.  I learned “THE RULE” from my mother-in-law: separate creative gifts required for each celebration.  My terror begins in August. ~ Richard Rossner

Last year I spent Valentine's Day at the INS for my Greencard fingerprinting and then celebrated with my (American citizen) husband at Chik-fil-A. (To break the ice at the INS, I wore felt hearts on my shirt). ~ Cinelle Ariola Barnes

Boy meets girl on NYE. They date, long-distance, for three years. Boy pops the question on February 14. One year later they said, “I do.” ~ Jessica Sutherland

I grabbed it from the mailbox, a rosy painted card which read, 'going to jail, will you wait for me, want to marry you.' I was fifteen. ~ Jess Smith

Invited my best friend and her boyfriend to join us for dinner, but they couldn't make it. We went anyway, to a new bistro. My friend's boyfriend walked into the restaurant with a woman---not my friend. We saw him, he saw us. No words were exchanged. Went home and called my friend to tell her to dump the creep. ~ Kimberley Lovato

When she was fifteen my daughter told me that on Valentine’s Day she had dinner with her father and his new girlfriend. ~ Kristine Mietzner


*This article was originally published on on February 14, 2015. 

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