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Digital Storytelling (Second Edition): 

A Creator’s Guide To Interactive Entertainment 


Storytellers in the 2lst century -- including writers, filmmakers, and animators -- have a brand new way to create stories, thanks to powerful advances in digital technology. Known as “digital storytelling,” this new arena allows us to create narratives that are deeply immersive, interactive, and pull the audience into the story in ways never before possible. In addition, these new works have the ability to smudge the line between reality and fiction to such a degree that the story almost becomes a part of “real life.”

DIGITAL STORYTELLING (SECOND EDITION): A CREATOR’S GUIDE TO INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT explores the full range of narrative works created for interactive digital media, including Web-based entertainment, video games, mobile apps, virtual reality, and other forms that are much less well-known to the public. Equally important, the book also examines how these cutting-edge works can be used not only to entertain, but also to inform, teach, train and promote.

The practical applications of this form of narrative are enormous. Digital Storytelling techniques are increasingly employed in journalism, marketing, advertising, and education. They are widely used by mainstream corporations, the entertainment industry, and non-profit organizations.

This book is a fascinating read for anyone interested in this new form of storytelling. It offers clear insight into this intriguing and swiftly evolving world, and is written in an accessible, non-technical style. In addition, it is a straightforward and practical guide to anyone who wants to become a spinner of these new kinds of tales, offering them an abundance of tips, real life examples and case studies.


Carolyn Handler Miller ( is a writer who works across a variety of media. Originally beginning her career as a newspaper reporter and magazine journalist, Carolyn's work spans writing for TV, feature films, books and new media.Digital Storytelling is available at major bookstores, online booksellers, and the Trip Shop





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