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Everyone loves to WIN, and wants to bring the WINNER'S smile to your face. From November 11-21, 2010, we'll be GIVING AWAY one of our author's books each day. All you have to do to win is sign up to receive the FREE newsletter, 'like' us on facebook, or become a new twitter follower, and you're automatically in the random drawing.


Contest Update: WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Congratulations to @williwyss for winning yesterday's FREE BOOK  - Morning Light by Nancy King.

WIN TODAY'S FEATURED BOOK: LIFE IS A TRIP: The transformative magic of travel by Judith Fein

Travel with author Judith Fein to l4 exotic destinations where she learned something new and surprising from other cultures. In Vietnam, she experienced forgiveness in a stark and startling way. On the island of Mog Mog in Micronesia, at a funeral, she saw how differently death can be approached and emotions can be expressed. In Turkey, it was all about service. In Guatemala, from a Maya weaver, she was humbled by a lesson in ambition. A Maori elder had a unique way of ending family discord. In Nova Scotia, it was all about life after death. The book is surprising, funny, soulful, unusual and never didactic. If you only read one travel book this year, make it LIFE IS A TRIP.

The book has been endorsed by the editor of National Geographic Traveler, the travel editor of the L.A. Times, Leon Seltzer for Psychology Today, the president of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, the screenwriter of Groundhog Day and many others. To read reviews or order the book,  go to  



Judith Fein ( co-founder and editor) is an award-winning travel journalist who lives to leave. In LIFE IS A TRIP, you can go with her without leaving home.  

LIFE IS A TRIP is available or can be ordered anywhere good books are sold, including the TRIP SHOP, powered by Amazon. $14.95, Spirituality and Health books. 

TOMORROW'S FREE BOOK: Digital Storytelling (Second Edition): A Creator’s Guide To Interactive Entertainment by Carolyn Handler Miller

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