WIN A BOOK: Falconer on the Edge by Rachel Dickinson

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Contest Update: WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Congratulations to Karen Jarldane for winning yesterday's FREE BOOK  - Lost Angel Walkabout: One Traveler's Tales by Linda Ballou.

WIN TODAY'S FEATURED BOOK: Falconer on the Edge by Rachel Dickinson 

In Falconer on the Edge, Rachel Dickinson follows a hardcore falconer through a hunting season in central Wyoming and quickly finds herself immersed in a quirky sub-culture where men devote significant portions of their emotional and  physical energies to the ancient sport of hunting with birds of prey. She also discovers that the landscape of central Wyoming is being altered by natural gas drilling and exploration and that this is setting off a chain of events in the animal world that will likely spell the end of hunting for sage grouse in this part of the country. Falconry is a sport that requires persistence, stoicism, and sacrifice; in this work of narrative nonfiction, Dickinson takes us into this world and deep into the psyche of one of its most hardcore personalities. 






Rachel Dickinson lives in Upstate New York where she writes for a variety of publications including the Atlantic, Audubon, The Christian Science Monitor, National Geographic Traveler, and Executive Traveler.  

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