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New Yorker Anna Baum is a smart, attractive woman who grows up feeling she has lived her life with her face pressed against a window, watching other people savor the pleasures of being alive. To soothe herself, she tells herself stories. Her only friend, an imaginary childhood storyteller named Boonah, suddenly and mysteriously disappears as does the ability to tell herself stories. Unexpectedly, she finds herself lost and adrift.

Professionally secure and successful as a teacher in a posh private school, married to a handsome, charming man, it all looks good on the outside. But inside, Anna inhabits a world of pain and disturbing images that haunt and threaten her sense of well-being.

Life changes dramatically when Anna takes a new job and begins teaching emotionally disturbed preschoolers. She is fierce in her desire to protect them. When one of her students runs away from an abusive caretaker and disappears, Anna is devastated. After a fall and a potent nightmare, she is taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a virulent bout of pneumonia.

During a long hospital stay, two nurses, Emma and Jacob, breach Anna's protective wall. With their encouragement, Anna develops the courage to look at what she has always run from. Boonah reappears, and with him, she recovers her stories and the will to live.

Anna's change is profound. She rejects the stoicism of her mother and grandmother and, for the first time in her life, accepts the help that is offered to her. Despite a catastrophic medical diagnosis, she transforms pain into power and discovers that the stories we tell ourselves can kill... or they can heal.

Morning Light, published by Tasora Books, is available at,, your local bookstore, and the Trip Shop.

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